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Webb Of Wisdom

“Errors like straws on the surface flow,

One who is search of truth must dive below.”

And the truth is you are wasting a lot of time and money in tuitions rather than self-learning and exploration. You are enslaving yourself to the mundane culture of learning style. Even before you explore your pockets of academic shortcomings you are made to feel a failure. Tons of advertisements assure you that they can help you achieve cent percent in all the subjects. And you fall into the pit of fear to be left as a back-bencher, if , you don’t take their help. But don’t fall for that. Dive below; explore your grey and dark areas. Know what you lack, and then seek the requisite.

Webb of wisdom supports the culture of democratizing knowledge. Knowledge from everyone and for everyone. With our initiative we want the students to get out of the burden of studies and yet score the best in academics.

Everyday routine is an offbeat thing. It’s not cherished by anyone. Well, even after it’s mentioned, we do need it. But, if learning can be achieved round the clock, you can decide your itinerary for the day. Here, you can achieve your freedom in learning without compromising your extracurricular activities every day. This place is not just a fun-in-learning destination; it’s a place where you express yourself.  No one is left out here. Don’t wait; EXPLORE IT!

Our Motto

DiD You Know ?

Be it student ,
Be it teacher .
Being in Routine ,
is extreme labour

24/7 Support

Morning to evening ,
School is there .
Then without rest ,
tuitions despair.

Stress Less Study

I want some leisure ,
then study with pleasure .
and for studies to be fun ,
I come to the Webb Of Wisdom .

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