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          1. About us

          2. What does Webb of Wisdom and LTE&S signify?

          3. What is WebbOW?

          4. What is the difference we are making?

          5. Improvising Everyday

          6. Cheapest education possible

          7. A platform for student interaction as well as an Educator-Parent Interaction

           8. An All-Round development

  • Curricular Section
  • Learn
  • Teach
  • Earn
  • Spread
  • Chances to be viewed and hired
  • How to upload a video on WebbOW?

   9.Extra-curricular section 

10. Intro video

About Us

Under the present scenario of electronic media prosperity, obtaining any kind of information/content/material is only a click away. With new Learners and Teachers joining daily to the World Wide Web, their community has grown into a large hub assisting in the transaction of knowledge in various fields and across borders, with ease! But with time people felt the necessity to bundle the wisdom and a lot of ‘online learning/teaching’ initiatives were taken. But the learning methodology hasn’t evolved a lot. Rather than providing an open platform for the free interaction amongst these people, only a handful controls this flow of knowledge.


What does Webb of Wisdom and LTE&S signify ?

Webb refers to the English and Scottish occupational name for a weaver. And wisdom refers to knowledge. So the website incessantly indulges in weaving the fiber of wisdom from anyone and everyone who is willing to share their part of erudition and forms the network of knowledge. The spider in the logo symbolizes the weaver (everyone who is a part of WebbOW) and the web on which it hangs is the network of knowledge. So, a webb of web i.e. weaver of the network of wisdom.

LTE&S stands for LEARN, TEACH, EARN & SPREAD and the yellow rectangular buildings on both sides of the alphabets 'LTE&S' signify that our network of members and wisdom is growing every day with each new addition of a new member.   


What is WebbOW (Webb Of Wisdom)?

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
 Where knowledge is free;
 Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
 By narrow domestic walls;
 Where words come out from the depth of truth;
 Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection


Here, at WebbOW we have strived to come up with the idea of providing a platform where everyone has a chance of demonstrating their curricular and extra-curricular skills.

Generally, qualifications are valued before anyone’s talent is tested. But here, it’s your talent that will be put to test first. So, do not fear being left out just because of the rote assessment practices.

Webb of Wisdom is a community. Anyone who registers on the Webb of Wisdom is not labeled as a teacher or a student, because the characters are in dynamic equilibrium.

You have the freedom to teach or be taught. Anytime! No longer you are needed to be enslaved to a routine. 9-2 school, 3-6 classes. Do, as you like it.

!!!A single place for everything!!!


What is the difference we are making?

We, here at Webb of Wisdom prefer in opening the platform to all. To channelize that bundle of knowledge easily to the people. And keep the integrity of the creators, who are creating captivating content.

We despise the scheme of branding anyone’s information/content/material. Our objective is to provide you a platform to communicate your aptitude, abilities, and expertise to others, and not be evaluated by the rote assessment practices.

We believe that no one is foolish in studies but the current system pushes learners to opt for ‘slavery in learning’. Even if a student can self-learn a topic in a subject, a tutor is assigned for teaching that whole subject. We condemn such practices. These methods are weakening a student’s self-reliance. They are becoming heavily dependent on private tutors for spoon-feeding them everything. Moreover, you pay for something which you can understand. This way the whole learning becomes costly, time-wasting and non-exploratory.

You should first refer to your textbooks; if you find any topic or sub-topic difficult then develop all the possible questions around it, and to quench your curiosity you are welcomed at  https://webbofwisdom.com . Find a suitable member whom you believe will teach you and provide you notes and meet the needs of your extraordinary arsenal of queries. NEVER LOOSE STILL WHEN YOU ENCOUNTER PROBLEMS IN YOUR STUDIES. STRUGGLE A BIT. AND IF IT GET TOO MUCH DO NOT WORRY, WE ARE HERE.


Improvising everyday

Every student has a different speed in understanding a topic, as well as have a different flavor for the same topic. Which is a determinant for its amiability to a teaching style. Not everyone enjoys the same method. And due to this WebbOW is in constant pursuit of experts who improvise and adapt their teaching ability with every topic and each encounter with a student.

Cheapest Education

Browsing through the internet you will definitely find a lot of platforms offering a lot of alluring courses that attract a huge sum of money. We at WebbOW have sorted the problem and developed a cheap and best method for imparting education. The reason for such inexpensive teaching lies in the method that we have tried to incorporate in our website that enables the users to gain funds through various monetizing platforms.

A Platform for Student Interaction as well as Educator-Parent Interaction

There are a plethora of options for online education but they do not provide a platform where students across the country can connect. At Web of Wisdom, everyone can add their material to be viewed by others on this network, and according to their likeness the students can form their different topic groups; can do a group study amongst them or can collectively hire any teacher anytime. It’s a completely online platform so don’t need to make an extra effort of going to a teacher and asking for your child’s performance, parents can look forward to real-time evaluation of their children through personal communication with the teacher. And this is the safest way for all the users here. The teachers can be booked for the next round of classes also.


An all-round development

Curricular Section

At the time of studies, the curricular section should be accessed. People can search for all the kinds of courses and subjects and get taught by the teachers whenever they want, throughout the clock.

  • Learn: Anyone who registers as a user has access to the video content uploaded by other members present on the network. There are notes regarding the topic presented in the video. This way anyone (user) who wants to hire the member knows about the teaching style and the kind of notes they can provide before hiring.
  • Teach: Any member who wants to become an educator on the network is welcomed. They need to prepare video lectures and notes on a topic. For e.g.:
  • Science: Someone wants to teach Newton’s laws of motion. She/he prepares separate videos and blogs on First, Second and the third law of motion. Here they provide an overview of the topic with a demonstration of a few important topics under each law. And clearly mention the topics which they would teach when hired. Hence, a student gets a taste of the teaching style the member can provide. Moreover, the notes provided as blogs also help students in deciding on the selection of the teacher.
  • Arts: Someone wants to teach about the earliest civilization that came into existence. Let’s say Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Indus valley civilizations. She/he prepares separate videos and blogs for each civilization. Discussing the basic topics and few important ones in their videos and blog notes which will help students to understand their style of teaching. They can mention any intricate questions or further insightful topics which they will teach when hired. PEOPLE FROM OTHER SUBJECTS CAN FOLLOW THE SAME METHOD.
  • EARN: You earn from the classes you take. You are free to mention your rate for each class. There is only a one-time payment which you make to us to become a member, after that the members are free to interact personally if they wish. Everyone who prepares their video and blogs is free to make it on any platform available on the internet. Monetize your video/blog material. And share the link with WebbOW. So, with each view of your uploaded material your chances of earning from it increase. 
  • SPREAD: There is an option of sharing your content module on social media, wherever you want. We do not hijack anyone’s creation. Every creator owns the copyright of the material. Do not forget to mention the username and name of the website in your materials. It will help anyone to easily get to you.







We do not indulge in keeping any share of your earning. Everything earned is yours. You just have to pay Rs 5.9(incl GST). Its a one-time payment and you become a permanent member.

Chances to be viewed and hired:

Every member who has uploaded the material has 100% chances to be viewed. The algorithm of the website functions in such a manner that, for each viewer, it shuffles the sequences of the member’s material. Thus, providing a viewer for each member even if the topics of the material are the same for different members.

User 1

User 4

User 2

User 3

User 4

User 2

User 1

User 4

User 2

User 1

User 3

User 3

User 1

User 4

User 3

User 4

User 2

User 3

User 1

User 2

Viewer A

Viewer B

Viewer C

Viewer D

Viewer E

 So, everyone gets a chance to be in the first position and as well gets the last position too. But, whoever is highly rated is flashed on the dashboard of the viewer.

How to upload a video on WebbOW

Go for the share option and look for "copy link" or url and just paste it in the block provided here. You do the same with the blog option. You paste the link. 

Extra-curricular Section

Even the best teaching methodologies have limits. And an unending study session wearies the mind. Just to keep your mind rejuvenated we have added an extracurricular section. It is also an open forum. Here, in this community, everyone is welcomed to add anything that presents their artistry in anything. Every-day only 200 videos can be uploaded. And before uploading, you need to invest a total of 2mins in watching what others have uploaded. It includes 30sec of watch time; each from the INBOX and ARCHIVES. Any age group can share what they feel is extra to studies.


Each member willing to teach should prepare a maximum of one minute (less than one min is preferable) video describing herself/himself. You can describe your qualifications and achievements. This is a place where you present yourself. It helps others to know you better.

Note:  1. Please fill your details carefully before uploading your contents/materials. In case of any discrepancy, you would be responsible for not receiving any viewers.


Don’t be a captive, but become captivating